Lily James And Matt Smith: Their Relationship In Photos

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by Katie Rosseinsky | 

Lily James and Matt Smith: their relationship so far

Lily James and Matt Smith are now firmly established as the darlings of both the fashion world and Hollywood: the former has a Burberry campaign, a string of roles in high profile, critically acclaimed films and TV adaptations to her name (Baby Driver, Darkest Hour, War and Peace: we could go on…), the latter charmed the Netflix-watching world as The Crown’s Prince Philip. But despite the fact that their respective stars are very much on the rise, the couple have managed to keep their relationship out of the spotlight.

After meeting on the set of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies back in 2014, when Matt played the ever-creepy Mr. Collins to Lily’s Elizabeth Bennet, the couple were part of the same (star-studded) friendship group before they eventually started dating. After they were pictured looking close at the Cannes Film Festival in May of that year, Lily still denied rumours of a relationship for months after, giving the Scottish Daily News the time-honoured ‘just my friend’ line and telling the paper, ‘We hang out a lot […] get on really well as we have a lot in common.’

Since then, the pair have accompanied each other to a handful of red carpet premieres and reportedly moved in together in a flat in London’s Primrose Hill. They’ve both, however, chosen to steer clear of discussing their relationships in interviews. ‘In regards to your love life, you’re just entering into a whole world] of pain if you talk about it,’ Lily sagely told InStyle back in 2015. ‘If you’ve never said anything, there are no sound bites to haunt you when you’re crying into a box of Kleenex after it all goes wrong.’ It seems she’ll stick to this mantra for the foreseeable (aside from a [recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, in which she dropped an anecdote about a casual night in which involved feeling ‘broken’ after watching Schindler’s List with Matt…) Indeed, when Lily was spotted wearing a diamond ring at this year’s BAFTAs ceremony, the rumour mill went into overdrive with engagement speculation – which neither she nor Matt have chosen to comment upon. In the era of Instagram PDA and over-sharing, it’s certainly far from the norm for an A-list couple to manage to keep their love story private, so here’s to Lily and Matt doing just that…

Look back at Lily and Matt’s relationship in pictures in the gallery below…